Arc Review: Spelled by Betsy Schow

Spelled - Betsy Schow

Dorthea is a teenage princess who happens to be the great-great-oh so great descendant of Dorthy. Ya know, Dorthy from the original Wizard of Oz that we know, however it's a bit different in this story. This world revolves around the belief that the world is a storybook and the "Creators" are the authors of their fate. Everything has rules and procedures, princesses get their happy endings. Nothing bad is suppose to happen to said Princesses because that's not how the story works.

Things happen, wishes are made and POOF! All the rules go right out the window. What once was beautiful and good becomes warped. Dorthea's world is slowly corroding away right before her eyes and she's to blame. It's up to her, her furball companion and crazy haired friend to save the day but when you're being chased by crazy evil women and giants, things get difficult.

Obviously, I really got into this book since I gave it five stars. For me, this one is a total rereader because it's hilarious, adorable and uber creative. I love the spin on this story and the bits and pieces pulled from the Oz stories. I felt like there were a good bit of different influences from those original stories I could grab onto here without feeling like I'm reading a duplication of the original. Schow takes aspects and then turns them topsy turvy adding her own unique creations and language.

I honestly really liked all of the characters because they all had a sense of depth. I couldnt really pinpoint any particular character and say "oh, what a cookie cutter character". Dorthea at first acted like your spoiled teenager but eventually developed into someone that understood the sun didnt rise for her. She was funny and sympathetic, sometimes a bit of a tart but mostly she picked up on things quickly. I realllllly like Kato as well because he went from ice king to sweetheart in my opinion. He really made a good example out of "dont judge a book by it's cover".

I'd definitely say this is a great read for anyone wanting something fairy-talish and whimsical. I'm not really an Oz fan but this book really worked for me, if you're a hardcore Oz fan you'll either love this or not. I'm not sure there will be an inbetween for you because Dorthea has more oomph than Dorthy ever did. I'd say this would be good for probably 13+ and up, there's not really any sexual stuff going on or anything questionable.