Another Ghoul Bites the Dust

Angelbound - Christina Bauer

I love,love,love this book! Angelbound was well written and very creative. I love the idea of each realm being ruled over by a different set of beings. There are five realms and each are ran by demons, ghouls, angels,thrax and quasi-demons. Purgatory was the backdrop to the story, which really set it apart from other stories like this.

Myla is just awesome, because she's completely different from everyone around her. Being quasi-demon is hard enough, but shes also part furor and something else. Myla spends her life fighting in the arena against evil humans in death matches. If she wins, they get booted to hell, if she loses she dies and they get into heaven. If that wasn't hard enough, Myla has to deal with her senior year of highschool, an envious best friend and a crazy mother. Combine all this and you've got a rough journey.

At the moment, purgatory is ruled over by the ghouls and all quasi-demons are slaves to them. Myla has had just about enough of that. The ghouls push their rules, regulations and thoughts onto them, while destroying the realm. As the story progresses Myla is given the opportunity to change all of that. To be able to free her people, but it comes with a huge cost.

This story is really about an 18 year old girl trying to find out who she is and where she came from. It's very sweet, it goes through the motions of seeing a best friend happy, a mother slowly losing her mind and the anxiety of a war coming. All the while, Myla can't figure out why she starts having feelings for a new guy, and how to deal with competition. This is in no way a mushy stormy, it's very kick butt, but has some life lessons thrown in there. I'd totally recommend this book for people who like YA,UF or fantasy with a hint of romance