Just not my style..

Alchemystic - Anton Strout

I was super excited by this book when I first heard about it, the concept sounded really fun. even thought the cover was cute. Almost as soon as I started getting a couple pages in I realized this book was not for me. The characters are extremely flat, there isn't any depth or real personality building. The MC is a whiny rich girl that plays the victim the entire story, very much a turnoff. Her friends are just strange, the story would have been no different without them IMO.

The book is broken down into two first person points of view, first being Alexandra and the other Stanis. You can technically tell the switching of POVs by looking at the top of the page and seeing their name and a small moon, at least on a hardback copy. If you don't pay attention to this it's extremely difficult to tell who's talking. Both characters are like identical, the writing does not change at all through this book. You can't tell who's voice is whose.

Overall, the main concept is fascinating and if done properly would have been awesome. However, the writing and flat characters pretty much destroyed this book. I also found it annoying that there was so much description and emphasis put on what the characters were wearing, it was really odd. I wouldn't recommend it.