Seven Kinds of Hell

Seven Kinds of Hell - Dana Cameron

I couldn't really get into this one. I felt like the supernatural element was really forced into the book. Most of the supernatural occurrences seemed like the same scene over and over again. I did enjoy the mystery involved with Zoe's family and how that all came together. Zoe herself was kinda a contradictory character. She describes herself as a loner, but then talks about having friends all over the place and hanging out with other students. She's obsessed with a guy it sounds like because he was hard to get and had a great sex life. I didn't really like her, she was all over the place. The supporting characters weren't very original, coulda lived without them. 

The idea of the story was intriguing and I loved that ancient artifacts and archaeology were mixed in. The story itself wasn't bad, just not my style. I did enjoy the mystery and build up of it though.