Prowling for Love

Bound by Fate (Moon Bound Series Book 1) - Mandy Lou Dowson

Beth is a purebred werewolf, she's also a 21yr old orphan with serious authority issues. Beth doesn't feel like she belongs with her pack or belongs to anyone in particular. Her denfather loves her, but her denmother can't stand her out of jealousy. After a silly mistake between Beth and her Guardian she's forced to mate, however that doesn't work out like it should. Beth's mating causes serious issues between her and the man she loves, as well as put her in serious danger. She ends up leaving her home and having to try to start over in another village, but it has deadly consequences. This story is complete with an evil psycho or two, and a lousy boyfriend too boot.

Beth was pretty much the normal 21 year old gal just trying to transition into being a woman. She wants her freedom and respect, but she's still afraid of losing her familiar kid status. Some of the men in Beth's life are Gareth, Donavan and Bradley. Gareth is Beth's guardian, he's a handsome guy that happened to get bitten as a kid by a werewolf-we all know how that goes. Donovan is the sweet tempered guy from another village, ever understanding an helpful. Bradley is the evil monster we all just wanna beat down with a shovel, he's also Donovans father(yes the plot thickens!).

Bound by Fate was a seriously intense read for me. It was extremely well written and thought out, there were just so many twists and turns it was unbelievable. My heart just kept breaking for Beth throughout the book. I also felt kinda bad for Gareth, but not much. I really enjoyed this read, I'll definitely pick up the next installment.